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"He forced Hermione to show Snape her teeth - she was doing her best to hide them with her hands, though this was difficult as they had now grown past her collar. … Snape looked coldly at Hermione, then said, ‘I see no difference.’
Hermione let out a whimper, her eyes filled with tears, she turned on her heel and ran, ran all the way up the corridor and out of sight."

A little something for all “Snape was a nice dude who was just misunderstood” people to remember (via theresavoidinmypolaroid)

Yes, yes and yes. The full implications of this scene escaped me the first time I read it—hey, I was a kid—but as I got older I realized: this isn’t just Snape being a dick. While it’s already been made obvious in the way he treats Harry and Neville, this scene cements the fact that Snape abuses his students. Any other teacher would love to have a student like Hermione, but Snape has no qualms about being openly racist towards her. And now, with the emotional maturity of a six-year-old, he shows that he also has no qualms about telling an already-sensitive fourteen-year-old girl that he a) doesn’t give a shit that she’s just been jinxed and b) thinks she looks deformed.

You. Son. Of. A. Bitch.

"But he had an abusive father," you bleat, "and he was bullied at school." I do concur. Yes, from what little we know of him Tobias Snape (way to steal the name of my favorite Animorph) was indeed abusive; and we’ve all seen how he was treated at school. HOWEVER, this does not give Snape the right to act the way he does. Yeah, he’s gone through some serious shit, but so has Hermione. Let me talk about Hermione.

It’s explicitly stated that everyone in Hermione’s class has called her a know-it-all at least once, and I doubt that’s a new thing. If we were to get a glimpse of Hermione Granger pre-Hogwarts, we would probably see a friendless girl that everyone hated for her know-it-allness. Hogwarts was a chance for her to start anew, but almost as soon as she arrived she found herself in the same situation, only this time she was bullied for her blood status. All she ever had was her brain. Eventually she found herself some friends, and even then her friendship with Ron could be very tenuous. 

Enter looks. Hermione is not introduced as being especially attractive: she has terribly bushy hair and oversized teeth (picture a very bossy squirrel). At one point she tells Harry that she’s been wanting to magically shrink her teeth for ages, but her parents want her to continue wearing braces, and if anyone in history has ever looked good in braces, I haven’t heard about it. She knows how she looks. So this is the state of affairs: everyone thinks she’s annoying; she looks like a rodent; she’s treated as an inferior being just because her parents are Muggles. She knows that she’s smart, but she also knows that this puts her apart from everyone else. Her self-esteem must be on a level with Goyle’s intelligence. 

And then comes the above quote, and this time it isn’t just another student harassing her. This time it’s a teacher—and keep in mind, Hermione’s the kind of person who sees teachers as demigods—this time it’s a teacher being an asshole to her, and that’s worse than being picked on by the whole school combined.

Fuck you, Snape. Fuck you.

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The shot where the Bride splits a baseball in two with a samurai sword was done for real on set by Zoe Bell, Uma Thurman’s stunt double.

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this is a cool test that gives you an rpg class and there are 100 possible results check it out

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my favorite thing about england is that the word pulp doesnt exist 


my favorite thing about england is that the word pulp doesnt exist 

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london film & comic con winter 2013



I don’t think I’ve ever reblogged anything faster.


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This is not the first time Captain America has been black.

http://marvel.com/universe/Bradley,_Isaiah *

hell, even the role of Bucky, as sidekick to Captain America hasn’t always been a white man.


*this link contains descriptions and the aftereffects of experiments on people 



imagine jim and bones high fiving each other now and then and spock assuming they’re in an S&M relationship because they keep spanking each other’s hands





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dragons don’t ever really leave their princesses
(and their princesses never really want them to go)

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Why the hell did I need to put a grapefruit on my boyfriend’s penis in the first place, you ask? The answer, of course, as always, was: the Internet! Perhaps you’ve caught some of the recent media coverage of Auntie Angel, a Chicago-based YouTube sexpert and inventor of the “grapefruit blowjob,” a fellatio technique supposedly so pleasurable and thrilling, it can induce a heart attack.

I share because I love, dear friends.

I don’t know whether this is begging to be a smut prompt or a drunken experiment for a Saturday night in.  Not that I’ve got any dicks to stick a grapefruit on; but the prospect of getting to tell people about the time I stuck a grapefruit on somebody’s cock is almost enough to make me wish I did.