I wish I could art, like, SO BAD right now. 

because I want to do Mary[Columbia] John[Rocky] Anderson[Brad] Sally[Janet] and Sherlock[Frank] in floor show costumes and just HNG it’d be sexy as fuck goddamn.

… I might try to find a good base to trace so I can MAKE THIS A FUCKING THING.

Put them all in the earlier costumes -or lack thereof, hint hint underwears for Anderson, John, and Sally- too. And get Greg and Molly as Magenta and Riff Raff.

I want it. Bad.

Really weird week for me. I’ve blacklisted something I never thought I’d ever blacklist.


John was more than a little bit nervous to be returning home with Mary -Mary!- after the holiday at the Holmes’ place. Nearly six months apart, they had a lot to talk about, a lot to learn about each other again, a lot to work through. It would be worth it, of course. His main fear was that waiting so long would mean their relationship would still be strained when little Elizabeth Sherlock Watson was born.

"John? We’re home." Mary’s voice brought John back to the here and now, outside their flat.

"Yeah, yeah, I’m coming." He flashed her a small smile, licking his lips with nervousness as he got out of the car and followed her up the stairs. He was surprised by how little had changed, the only noticeable difference being the corner where all the things for the baby were.


"Mary. You don’t have to- that is, I know, I think. And I’d rather not have apologies when I don’t think you’d change anything if you could. And I wouldn’t either, when it comes down to it. Because as much as I threw away that flash drive, as much as I won’t go searching for your past behind your back, it’s- it’s a little bit sexy." John stared at Mary, his smile hesitant as he watched her take in his small speech.

"I said that to you. Almost a year ago, I said that to you. Do you really mean it, John? Are you sure you want that side of me in this relationship?"

John took in Mary’s guarded expression before nodding, his smile turning into a lopsided grin. “We both had our secrets when we got married. And, hey, I’ll show you my gun if you show me yours.”

"You have a- how long have you had a gun?"

"Since I got discharged."

"I never-"

"Like I said, we both had our secrets."

Mary laughed, the first real smile John had seen on her face in ages. “Comparing guns could be fun.”

"Yeah, it really could." John closed the gap between them, reaching out a hand to her. "May I kiss you, Mary Watson?"

Mary smiled at him as she took his hand, gripping it tightly. “Yes, John Watson, you may.”

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random-nexus is all you really need. Get her involved and SHABAM that’s two of you. <3 [But srsly, if there’s a group of you wanting this, I’m totally down. I have people planned for different characters and everything.]

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If someone seconds it, I’ll totally write the John Mary Sherlock Molly and Lestrade watch rocky horror and dress up for it. And group sex after.

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I kinda want to see domestic gun-cleaning XD

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"John." Mary turned to her husband, eyes wide with disbelief. "You’ve never seen The Princess Bride?"

John shook his head, “No, can’t say I have. I was never much of one for fantasy, so-“

"No. You’ve seen Star Trek. That is no excuse. And it’s not like it’s some big magic universe story."

"Then what is it? It sounds like a fairy tale."

Mary sighed, walking over to grab John’s hand and lead him to the couch. “We are going to watch it. Because it’s a brilliant story with pirates and fights to the death and monsters and true love.”

"We’re watching it now?" John allowed himself to be pushed down onto the couch, his arm moving automatically around Mary’s shoulders once she sat next to him.

"Remember how you reacted when I hadn’t seen the Bond movies?"

"Yes, but-"

"Trust me, this is the same for me."

With a half-hearted sigh, John gave a nod of agreement before turning to press a kiss to Mary’s forehead. “Alright then. Let’s see this Princess Bride.”

- - -

"That…" John looked from the scrolling credits to his wife, sitting next to him just as pleased as could be with herself. "You were right, I loved it."

"I told you you would." Mary grinned at him, leaning close to press a kiss to his cheek.

"I just have one question."

"Ask away."

"Which of us is supposed to be the dread pirate Wesley?"

Mary’s grin turned devious. “Oh, I don’t know, you always seem to be the pretty one to me.”

"Does that make you the one come to rescue me from a terrible wedding?"

"Sherlock gets to be the one that makes rhymes and catches you when you jump out the window. And I’ve met some of your exes. I definitely rescued you from a terribly boring fate."

John laughed, leaning forward so their lips could meet again. “That you did. Care to celebrate with me in a decidedly not boring way?”

Mary hummed happily into the kiss before pulling away with a wink. “As you wish.”